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Welcome to the all new Stephen Wright Music website

"Thanks for taking the time to check out the newest version of my website.  I'm looking forward to sharing even more of what is going on.  Please make sure and sign up for the mailing list before you take off.  Hope to add new content pretty frequently, so check back in with me every now and then to here all the news...or at least what is news in my world. Thanks! ~Stephen"

The Carl Fischer Signature Series Mouthpiece Line from GR Mouthpieces!

I’m really excited to have been involved in the release of this newest edition of the Carl Fischer Signature Series Mouthpiece Line from Carl Fischer and Gary Radtke (GR Mouthpieces). Carl and Gary have spent more than 18 years working together to research, design, and create what is now the Carl Fischer Signature Series Mouthpieces.  When you put one of the most in demand trumpet players around together with one of the most in demand and unique mouthpiece designers and manufacturers, the result was bound to be great! I was fortunate enough to work with both Carl and Gary on the newest iteration of the series and I’ve even switched over myself to […]

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