Finishing up the new album for Katie Scrantom (Kate Quinby)

Just a couple of quick pictures from the last recording session for the new Kate Quinby album.  Just another few hours of tweaking and we’ll be ready to mix/master.  Got to lay down some background vocals for a tune called … Continue reading

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What I’m listening to 11/20/2012

This week I’ve been listening a lot to the bands Kodaline, Iron and Wine, and Elsiane. Kodaline is very similar to Coldplay, which I’m a huge fan of. I actually heard Kodaline as the background music in a TV show … Continue reading

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Mexico City

Just got back from Mexico City, which I’ll talk more about later, but until then here is a slide show with some of the pictures from the trip!

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38,000 feet

Never wrote a blog post at 38,000 feet before so even though I don’t have anything to say, here it is. Currently over the Gulf of Mexico heading from Chicago to Mexico City.

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Birthday Edition

Wow has there been a lot going on since my last blog entry.  Where should I start?  Well, I’ve had the opportunity to do quite a few things in the last couple months that have definitely helped to keep me … Continue reading

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Ode, Taggart Transcontinental, The Ritz, Marva King, The Joynt, and more!

It’s Monday morning in the Chi and I didn’t get any rest at all this week/weekend!  I’m loving all of the work; however, I think I’m ready for about a week or so of down time.  Not even to do … Continue reading

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New Blog System & More New Video

So the big news this update is that after many many hours of technical BS, I finally have the new blogging system that I wanted for the my website in place and running. I was tired of it being so … Continue reading

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What has happened?

Well, as usual, I know that it has been too long since my last update.  A lot has been going on, but the underlying theme has been “I HAVE BEEN SICK”.  Yes that’s right.  I have been sick since October … Continue reading

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