February already?

I can’t believe it’s 2 days away from being February already.  This year has started out with an unexpected bang.  Theatre gigs, club gigs, recording sessions, pandas, etc…  So much so, that it’s quickly becoming an actual decision that I … Continue reading

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Take It For What It’s Worth

As the hours go by since the events unfolded at the NATO Protest in Chicago yesterday (Sunday), I find myself completely frustrated.  The amount of misinformation, bad/irresponsible/agenda driven reporting, and just incorrect accounts as to what happened has just been … Continue reading

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Ode, Taggart Transcontinental, The Ritz, Marva King, The Joynt, and more!

It’s Monday morning in the Chi and I didn’t get any rest at all this week/weekend!  I’m loving all of the work; however, I think I’m ready for about a week or so of down time.  Not even to do … Continue reading

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Ode, Michael Moravek, The Planeausters, and Motorhead

Like I said on the first page I know that it’s been a while since my last update, but there has been quite a bit going on.  So let’s just get started right away.  Over the past couple of weeks … Continue reading

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New Video: ODE (Live at the Beat Kitchen)

Here is the newest video in my continuing learning of how to video and photography with a DSLR camera. I’m having a lot of fun with it, but have so far to go! Friends, and fellow musicians, ODE are allowing … Continue reading

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New Video: Goin’ to Hell

Here’s a video that was produced for the track “Goin’ To Hell” that I recorded with singer/songwriter Laura Thompson. This song was the first time I’ve messed around with recording multi phonics which basically means that I was playing one … Continue reading

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New Video Project: Katie Todd performing some Adele

I convinced singer/songwriter Katie Todd to let me record her while she was working on a couple of new cover songs. This one is Katie’s piano and vocal performance of the Adele song “Someone Like You”. Hope you dig it! … Continue reading

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Occupy Chicago: 10/08/2011

Just a quick little video about the day that I spent down at Occupy Chicago. The day honestly started out a little slow, but then all of the sudden I looked to the right and there was nothing between me … Continue reading

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