Ode, Michael Moravek, The Planeausters, and Motorhead

Like I said on the first page I know that it’s been a while since my last update, but there has been quite a bit going on.  So let’s just get started right away.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten to work on 3 different CD projects, all being very different.


First up is the band Ode (www.odemusic.com).  My good friend and phenomenal drummer, Daniel Crane, and I have been working off and on in a couple of different musical situations and when Daniel found out that I was also learning photo and video stuff he asked if I’d be willing to step in and do a couple live recordings at shows and a studio session that was happening 2/11 and 2/12.  I of course agreed.  I’ve already done a couple of videos for them which are available for you to see.  One was a new song of the bands called “Man in a Glass” which I filmed at The Beat Kitchen in Chicago.  The second one was their cover of “Rain Dogs” by Tom Waits which was filmed at The Hideout in Chicago.  So we all met up for the recording session at In Vault Lab Studios in Chicago for the entire weekend.  I took many hours of footage for the purposes of creating a “Making of the CD” DVD that will be sent to those who donated a certain amount to the recording project through the Kickstarter program.  More on that as the release date of the CD comes closer; however, I did take quite a few stills and I’ve uploaded a few of them to my photography site and you can see the album here: http://stephenwright.zenfolio.com/p574070157

Then since I was there, and I had a trumpet, they asked me to jump in the booth.  Next thing you know we’ve got 4 part horn arrangements recorded.  I’m pretty happy with what came out and it will be exciting to share.  More on this project soon!


Up next was heading to Joyride Studios in Chicago to meet up with Michael Moravek.  I met Michael completely by accident a little over a year ago.  Michael lives in Germany and had flown in to Chicago to record with a mutual friend of ours, Grammy winning producer engineer Brian Leach.  I happened to stop by the studio to say hello to Brian and Michael was there.  We met, we said hello, I listened to a song or two, and he said go get your trumpet.  OK!

This time was a little more planned.  Michael flew back in from Germany to finish working on that same CD from over a year ago.  I ended up recording 3 or 4 tunes with Michael and Brian, everything from Latin stuff to playing cello style pads on the flugelhorn.  Excited to hear the mixes later this afternoon.  CD should be out later this year.


The Planeausters are a band based in Germany, which is fronted by Michael Moravek.  This is more of a full band sound than Michael’s solo work.  This was a lot of fun because I got to hear Michael in a little bit different light, and it’s always interesting to see how one musician adapts him/herself into different situations.  Once again I got to lay down a couple of tracks and was excited in a completely different way with the results.  More on this one when I get/hear copies of the mixes.  For now you can check out more about Michael and the Planeausters at: http://www.planeausters.com/newsite/


I can’t really give details about what they are yet, but I also got to work on couple of film and tv sets recently.  When I get the ok to talk about them, I’ll let you know more, but they were both very cool opportunities.  Thanks go out to the hard work of my management for their diligent work.

This past weekend also had its crazy moments.  My friend Mickey Dee, who plays drums for the great rock band Motorhead, came in to Chicago this past weekend.  I find more often than not that when Mickey comes to town that the craziness ensues!  If you just judged the bands demeanor on the type of music they play and the chaos that happens at their concerts you might be a little scared of these guys, but they couldn’t be any nicer people.  Got to the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago and Mickey had it set up so my buddy Randy, his son (who is a huge fan), and myself were all on the bands guest list.  After the show, we all went back to the dressing room area and had a great hang with the band.  Mickey was generous enough to let my buddies kid take a picture with him.

Then Randy and his son went back out to our balcony to check out the rest of Megadeath’s set while Mickey, myself, and a few friends headed to the tour bus.  We took the tour bus down to the hotel, had a few drinks, and then headed to The Joynt.  As always, The Joynt (www.thejoyntchicago.com) was good for great stiff drinks, great people, and great music.  Mickey got up on stage and played a little Stevie Wonder with the band.  I never have a bad time at The Joynt.  Thanks to Stan Wozniak, Paul Babcock, all the great people at The Joynt, and even Michael “What is that? Velvet” Motschman (on the left in the pic below) for a good time!  That’s all for now.  More updates coming soon.  I hope everyone is well and thanks as always for your support.

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