Ode, Taggart Transcontinental, The Ritz, Marva King, The Joynt, and more!

It’s Monday morning in the Chi and I didn’t get any rest at all this week/weekend!  I’m loving all of the work; however, I think I’m ready for about a week or so of down time.  Not even to do anything special.  Just to take a nap!  There is lots of great stuff going on though, so let’s get right in to it.

My work with the band Ode continues to be a great time.  They just finished the new EP and are setting up all of the details regarding the release.  There’s a number of shows coming up including a live video shoot that will be happening at the Beat Kitchen in Chicago on Saturday, May 19th.  We’ll be doing a live video to one of the new songs entitled “Used to Be a Gypsy”.  We need a big active audience too because they will have a big part in the video and may even get to sing some.  So get your tickets now.  You can get them here: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=4589025&pl=bk&REFID=bkcal

Also on the Ode front, thank you to everyone that came out to the first Nomadic “Saturday” at Morseland.  Sorry for those people that didn’t hear about the change from every first Friday to every first Saturday.  The next one will be Saturday, June 2, once again at Morseland.  If you’ve never seen Ode perform live, this will give you a good idea:

More Ode stuff coming soon.

Taggart Transcontinental

Just wanted to take a quick second to thank Jordan Taggart and the guys of Taggart Transcontinental for the great late night set at the Underground Wonder Bar on Saturday night!  Always enjoy playing with Daniel, Damian, Elliot, Jesse and Jordan.  Stay tuned for a new collaboration that is in process right now between myself and Jordan.  New tune coming very soon with Jordan that is a mix of R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz and Spoken Word.  It’s gonna be good. You can check them out at the Underground Wonder Bar at 710 N Clark in Chicago. Here’s a taste of the group.

The Ritz-Carlton Chicago

The gig at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago continues to go well.   This past weekend was the famous Ritz Carlton Mother’s Day celebration.  Fancy clothes, big hats, and I even saw some white gloves.

I’ll be back at the Ritz this weekend, so feel free to come out and hang.  I always play on the 12th floor in the Deca Restaurant and Bar.  The hotel is right behind Water Tower Place at 160 E Pearson in Chicago.

Marva King & The Joynt

Also had a lot of fun this weekend at The Joynt (650 N Dearborn in Chicago).  Great thing about this club is that you never know who is gonna be there.  I’ve had the opportunity to perform with many different great personalities here.  This past weekend I got the opportunity to perform with Marva King.  Marva starred in Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” among many other credits.  Let me tell you something.  This woman sang her ass off.  We did a little blues, a little jazz, a little dance and everyone had a great time.  Really enjoyed getting to meet Marva and look forward to next time.  Wonder who is coming in to the Joynt next?  Live music 7 nights a week at 650 N Dearborn in Chicago, so stop by and check it out for yourself.

That’s all for now.  Have a good week.



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